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Forum Makassar Straits (FMS) is a forum on the internet in which people freely can participate by sending questions, messages, articles and photos on maritime South Sulawesi. The contents of the website will be updated continuously. The frequency of changes depends on the flow of material sent to the coordinators of FMS.

The aim of Forum Makassar Straits is to promote the activities of groups of individuals that support a sustainable development of the seas and coastal areas of South Sulawesi (Indonesia).

The people coordinating the FMS website are living in Makassar, South Sulawesi and are frequently traveling in the area. The FMS coordinators created some pages that serve as a base for other people's contributions. You will find the different categories in the frame on the left of this page.

If you like to participate in FMS, please visit the sections "Your Contributions" and "Gallery".


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