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Boats and Diving in South Sulawesi


About Boats


Traditional Boats
Article by Horst Liebner,
an anthropologist based in



VOC schip wrecks
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 sources by Horst Liebner,
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Diving and Charters


There are several diving companies and boats that can be chartered operating in Makassar, Bira and Selayar. During the rainy season (in Makassar roughly from November until April) usually all boats for cruises and diving move from Makassar to Bira and Selayar. In this time of the year the west wind brings rain to the Makassar area: waves can be high and visibility under water can be poor. Selayar offers during this period enough places protected against the west winds.



Duyung Baru


Usually based in Bira, Selayar or Komodo




Selayar Dive Resort




Selayar Eco Resort




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