The Mandar Area

Sandeqs in Pambusuang

short impression



Hundreds of Sandeq outriggers on the beach of Pambusuang - photo by H. Liebner

1999 - Sandeqs on the beach of Pambusuang


Girl weaving in the room between the stilts of a house - photo by H. Liebner

A girl weaving in the room between the stilts under a house

Finishing touch - photo by H. Liebner

Boat maintenance


Narrow path between houses in Pambusuang - photo by H. Liebner

Some typical houses and fences in Pambusuang



(about 1999:)

The small village Pambusuang is a paradise for outrigger sailing boat lovers. In this village nearly every family has its own Sandeq that is used for fishing. As these extremely fast sailing boats are the main source of income for the people, they are maintained very well. This means that the Sandeqs are painted at least every two months.

Pambusuang is part of the Mandar area, roughly the area between Mamuju and Pare-Pare in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The Sandeq still is the most common fishing boat in this area, but it looks like motor boats slowly will replace them.


(April 2009:)

The short description and the pictures above were placed about 10 years ago. We do not know how common weaving activities are nowadays, but the popularity of the Sandeq is easy to discover. What was expected has happened: the amount of Sandeqs has quickly decreased. Of the small number left especially the boats used for the annual "Sandeq Race" are well looked after.

Pambusuang remains a fishermen's village. The only change is that small motorised vessels have replaced the sailing outriggers.

The photo below was recently made by Horst Liebner during a visit to the area. It shows the same beach as in the picture above, but the position of the photographer was a bit further away from the big tree in the water.


April 2009 -  Motor boats and a few Sandeq (high masts) on the beach of Pambusuang

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