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The coast of Makassar


The peninsula in front of Losari Beach is nowadays connected by a dam with Jalan Metro. The beaches are much visited during the weekend.


The vendors ("kaki lima") that in the past used to sell their food along Losari Beach first were moved to the dam that connects the old part of town with the new area "Tanjung Bunga". From there the food stalls were relocated an other time in July 2005 to a reclaimed piece of land near the entrance gate of the dam.
At Losari Beach in the late afternoon people like to relax and watch the sunset. The new extension of Pantai Losari (reclaimed land) opposite of the Stella Maris Hospital became a popular place.

The beaches of Tajung Bunga are popular with the people of Makassar who like to escape town for a while.
Near the mouth of the river Jeneberang some abrasion finds place. This can easily be seen from the monument "Maccini Sombala" (often called "Layar Putih") that used to be located at least 100 meters from the beach but now is at the water line.

The dead arm of the Jeneberang River is half overgrown with water hyacinth (Indonesian: enceng gondok). In some areas in Indonesia this plant's fibre is used for making handbags and furniture.

photos by courtesy of Sybout Porte