Panrang Luhuk

We, the villagers of Panrang Luhuk, Bira, bid you welcome to our kampong. This essay about the history of our village and our culture we made as a part of a project to fund a ‘Living Museum Panrang Luhuk’ which right now is in it's first stages of realisation.

We do heartily invite you to explore our village and have a look at our houses and boats, our weaving and other daily activities. As you will note by strolling around, you entered a village where a good deal of traditional life-style is still preserved. Though, the Panrang Luhuk of today is not a mirror of Biran life in the past - it is not only the motorbikes, the engines for our boats or the electricity which we enjoy now, but some more basic changes took place in the last decades.

Besides, we are not ‘museum pieces’, as our way of life still changes and developes. As you might know, a ‘culture’ in its true sense isn't a static condition, but changes every day according to the needs and requirements of its members. Therefore don't be surprised when you find satellite antennas and motorbikes: We would like to preserve the essentials of our culture and inheritance, our social structure, philosophy, our nice and practical traditional houses, handicrafts and arts. However, we are not bound to remain motionless in an ever changing world. We do hope, that our traditions will furnish a basis for progress and development which will be in accordance with our heritage.


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