History of Panrang Luhuk

In our language ‘Panrang Luhuk’ means ‘burial place of Luwu people’, and this name refers to two old graves which had once been on this beach: Sometime ago, two noblemen from Luwu who are said to have died on a sailing voyage down from the north were buried here. Until today people from Palopo sometimes come to our village to pray and to place offerings where the graves are said to have been. However, there still is another story connected to our village and the Cape of Bira, the story of Sampamena.

Our village was founded about 120 years ago: As you might know from history books, before the Dutch policy of Pax Nederlandica from the middle of the last century onward ‘pacified’ our island and the seas surrounding it, there had been hundreds of pirate boats which haunted all the coasts of the Gulf of Bone in search for plunder and slaves. Therefore nearly all villages along the coast were situated on hilltops and we constructed forts and bastions for cannon to protect ourselves. The great-grandfather of some the children which run around here was the first man who built a house on this beach and when some of his friends found out that it was safe, they followed and moved to this shore.

In two books about Bira which had been written around 1930, you will find some photos and a short description of Panrang Luhuk. If you compare these with today's situation, there isn't much of a difference yet. Today Panrang Luhuk is a part of the Dusun (‘neighbourhood’) of Tanetang, Desa (‘village’) Bira in the District of Bontobahari. There are 32 houses in which about 200 people live. Just recently electricity which formerly was only available during the evenings had been extended to a 24-hour service and our village was given a small connection to the water pipeline which serves the hotels. However, as of yet there is no real road to our village. There normally are no cars, so that our village is still very quite and undisturbed. Along the northern part of the beach you find an empty piece of beach, which invites you for a rest and a bit of a swim.

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